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Chicken Bone Broth

Bone broth is a staple product in our household. I make sure to make a batch every week and use it for making all kinds of dishes. Bone broth is loaded with vitamins, collagen, gelatin, minerals, and tons of other nutrients. It adds tons of flavor to any dish and it soothes the soul when your cold, feeling sick, or in the throws of winter. Add it to soups, to cook rice, pasta, or grits, or just drink it plain. It’s become part of my weekly routine so I thought I would share that with you today. It’s really easy to make bone broth and this recipe can be used with other types of bones too. I use an instant pot for mine but it can also be done in a crock pot or on the stovetop as well. Let’s get going.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Instant pot pressure cooker

  2. 1 chicken carcass, chicken bones, or a whole chicken

  3. 1 carrot

  4. 1 rib celery

  5. 1 onion

  6. 1 garlic clove

  7. 1 tsp salt (or to taste)

  8. 1/4c apple cider vinegar

  9. water


Place all of the ingredients into your instant pot. Fill with water to the max line inside your pressure cooker. Set your pressure cooker to high pressure for 2 hours. Make sure the vents are sealed. Let the cycle complete and the pressure come down naturally. Once this happens your can strain the liquid away from the chicken and other ingredients. Save the liquid and let cool before placing in the refrigerator. Take the chicken carcass or whole chicken and remove any meat you wish to reserve for eating or making into another dish. You could use it for soup, tacos, chicken salad, stir fry, pizza, etc. Now you have two components to use throughout the week for additional dishes. Use your bone broth to cook rice, make a soup, or just drink it plain.

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