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Turkey Sloppy Joes for Pressure Canning

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

This recipe makes 14 pints or 7 quarts of meat mix.


8 lbs ground turkey

4 cups green peppers (any color is fine)

4 cups chopped onions

3 (28oz) cans of tomato sauce

1 cup brown sugar

4 tbsp paprika

4 tbsp chili powder

2 tbsp cumin

2 tbsp salt

2 tbsp garlic powder

1 tbsp onion powder

1 tbsp black pepper

1 can tomato paste

1 tbsp oil


  1. Brown meat in batches over medium heat on the stove. Sautee onions and green peppers together with a little oil. Place browned meat and sautéed veggies into a large roaster oven pan to finish combining and heating.

  2. Add all other ingredients into the roaster pan with meat. Stir well to combine. Taste for spice level and alt level and make adjustments as needed. Heat until boiling.

  3. Prepare glass jars, lids, rings and pressure canner according to safe canning practices.

  4. Fill jars with hot sloppy joe mix. Clean rims of jars and place lids and rings. Place hot jars into hot water in the pressure canner.

  5. Can using safe canning practices according to your pressure canners instructions.

  6. Pressure can pints for 75 minutes and quarts for 90 minutes.

Watch how I make this recipe:

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